Private residence Moscow (RU)

The apartment is located on the top floor of a valuable property in the centre of Moscow.
The residence had to be designed as attic apartments, relaxed but still valuable and unique.
To achieve a contemporary and timeless look, the designer decided to use a minimalistic materials’ scale, such as dark grey micro cement, a dark wood floor and white painted roof.
Fixed fixtures such as kitchens, cabinets and wardrobes were followed by an earthy broken colour scheme. Loose furniture complemented the space with shapes and understated colours, refreshed with pastel cobalt and denim blue in the textiles and upholsteries.

A particular challenge in the apartment was to incorporate lighting that fitted with the sloping ceiling.
By using recessed profiles and magnetic directional spots, the designer successfully and elegantly managed to integrate light and space.
Дизайн интерьера
Kokema Design
Yaroslav Lukiyanchenko - LUPHOTO