Panorama Golf Resort (CZ)

New built golf resort near Prague, in the city Kácov. Consists of golf club house, hotel and restaurant. Materials dominating project are wood, stone and glass, in an effort to be in harmony with surrounding nature. Architecture designed prof. Ing. Arch. Martin Rajniš and interior design is by Ing. Arch. Mojmír Ranný.
Delta Light luminaries are placed in both interior and exterior. Architect put emphasis on light atmospehere and choose luminaires to create different lighting scenes.
Supernova, Spy Clip and Nyx luminaries are placed in the restaurant. Super-Oh with bulbs dominates the golf club room accompanied by black Spy Clip. Supernova and Boxy on track are placed in the entry hall. The exterior is illuminated with Aula luminaires on the driveway. Dox luminaries are placed on the facade.
Martin Rajniš
Дизайн интерьера
Mojmír Ranný