Milan Design Week is a wrap. We had a blast! Over 3,200 visitors from 73 different countries visited our colorful showroom. We shared ideas, laughs and ice cream – lot’s of ice cream. It was a pleasure to have you there.

“MOOD.”, the new collection

At the Delta Light Studio we presented "MOOD", the new collection a well-balanced line up of existing and new designs: the Oono, the Octav, the Superloop, to name just a few of our new products. On top of all this delta light beauty we also premiered our brand new design concept in collaboration with MVRDV architects, the High Profile series.

The Hotspots

To top Milan Design Week off we designed lighting set-ups for many other initiatives. Elle Decor’s exhibit was fitted with the bold and colourful High Profile luminaires by Delta Light and MVRDV. Isay Weinfeld made use of our Entero collection to evoke emotions. LaCividina made their space come to life with our Soliscape and Node+. TrueDesign went on a quest for colour that goes beyond trends, which we happily supported. Luca Guadagnino’s Accanto al fuoco transformed 2D cinema to interior design, a poem-like installation that had Delta Light inhabit the space with light. Future Perfect looked at Delta Light to realize unexpressed potential of beauty in a sustainable way.

Press talk

On Wednesday 8 June Delta Light’s Global Brand Ambassador, Danilo Mandelli went in dialogue with Jacob Van Rijs, founding partner of MVRDV, on A new light on form, future and material . A conversation where these two elaborated on circular design in architecture. They discussed the future of MVRDV, how the collaboration came to be and the symbolic and ethical message High Profile portrays.