UGC Ciné Cité Vélizy

A cinema multiplex of 18 movie theaters, 3800 seats for UGC and Unibail-Romdeco in extension of the Vélizy 2 shopping center.
The rooms are gathered around suspended decks in a curved volume developed by L35, the architects of the mall. In response to the urban dimension of this theatre, the size of the rue de Belleville in Paris, rooms are designed as cinemas in a street, with developed lounges and lobbies, lookouts, open spaces.
This is a project of light, where interior volumes are variations of the white screen of cinema, where colours are provided by light sources, natural light or spotlights in the evening.

'Our interest in the creation of public places derives from a passion to offer urbanity pretexts, to increase sociability; it is a refl ection of the incumbent need we feel to share the present in evocative places.'
Atelier d’Architecture Lalo
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