Residencial Ca’N Rudayla (ES)

We had to create spectacular effects in line with the modern and groundbreaking style of the house and the festive environment of Ibiza.
The possibility of crossed lines of light on the ceiling was suggested to us by Delta Light. They had to be pure lines, that would blend into the concrete ceilings and have an effect.

This project is located in a special location, in a valley on the magical island of Ibiza.
Its volume is fully adaptive to the geometry of the terrain, as well as its wall covering and exterior finishes.

Its interior stands out for its neatness and delicacy, with continuous wall covering, giving its interior a monolithic appearance.
The influence of natural and artificial light provides different skins to the same room, advancing in a smooth and pure manner, until reaching extreme color chromatics, changing the character and appearance of the house at its whim.
Diseño de interiores
Minimal Studio
Diseno de iluminacion
World Light Estudio de Iluminación
Arturo Sánchez