The queen, not the pawn
The shape of Pion resembles a lot the one of a pawn in a game of chess, but that is also the only resemblance. Opposite to a pawn, Pion is able to move around freely thanks to its unique Ex-centric Rotation System (ERS). Starting as a fi x downlight, Pion can easily be turned into a periscope overlooking the room, simply by rotating its head. The Ex-centric Rotation System then enables Pion to tilt its head, allowing it to spy around over 355° and tilt up to 90°, so aiming possibilities are unlimited. Its elegant design in combination with the frisky colour combinations transform Pion immediately into the queen of the room, overlooking the scenery. Like any jewel, the colourful tubes serve as an accessory to top off its feminine shape in style.

Balanced in form and function
Pion is available as semi-recessed version, as surface mounted spotlight or as a plug-in module for our Magnetic profile range. As a recessed variant, the Ex-centric Rotation System is semi-recessed into the ceiling, hiding away the more technical part of the luminaire. As a ceiling mounted solution - with up to 3 modules per luminaire - Pion is not only about the looks, it is a textbook example of form meets function.
In this way, the triple surface mounted version of Pion completes 4 functions. 3 of them are lighting up the room in 3 different ways from only 1 feeding point, the 4th is doing it without compromising on style. The clean lines of the driverbox perfectly complement the organic shape of the luminaire’s body.

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