Continuously improving work spaces

Especially over the last few years, working environments have changed significantly. Landscape offices, adaptable and hybrid work stations, home work places and other working areas like meeting rooms and reception desks all require a different approach regarding lighting technologies.

Delta Light’s Research Team is constantly identifying possible improvements regarding all types of office lighting. Thanks to our many years of experience and hundreds of realized projects, we have been challenged by our clients to find the right lighting solution time after time and know how to go about it.

By combining eye for design, eye for the user and eye for performance we improve our existing lighting products and develop new ones so we can offer custom solutions for every kind of workspace.

Office lighting customised for each area

Landscape & open offices

MVRDV Offices, the Netherlands
The MVRDV House consists of 200 work spaces which are mainly embedded in landscape offices. The high ceilings in combination with the use of bright colours or white for the walls create a spacious and vibrant feeling, enhanced by down-up lighting solutions with indirect light.

Specific office lighting fixtures are used to throw light on the ceiling and vertical surfaces to reduce the contrast between task light and general light. As a result, eye fatigue is reduced to a minimum.

To ensure a perfectly lit task area, office track lights are mounted above the desks to attain an average lux level that meets the applicable norms.

The MVRDV landscape offices are a perfect example of design that meets functionality. The sustainable lighting solutions help create a bright and open feeling, but also ensure ideal working conditions by using the latest technological innovations in office lighting.

Architect: MVRDV

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Mallol Design House, Panama

Transparency and collaboration are key in the Mallol Design House. The predominant colour in the landscape offices is white, which increases the feeling of a work space without boundaries.

To attain a uniform light effect and reduce contrasts, linear track lights are integrated in the open offices. In addition, wall washing light defines the different areas and creates a pleasant ambient light.

Architects: Mallol Arquitectos

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Meeting & conference rooms

Hôtel Particulier, France

This Parisian 'hôtel particulier' is an authentic architectural gem, transformed into a contemporary office space. The meeting rooms in the stately building are special in their kind: grand painted ceilings give these rooms extra cachet.

Meeting and conference rooms require a different lighting approach than other work spaces since they serve plural purposes.

Video conferences, round table talks and presentations (with or without the use of multimedia) all have different ideal lighting settings that should be easily adjustable.

In this portrayed meeting room, wall mounted dimmable uplighters create a flood of indirect light for a pleasant and intimate setting that can be used for background lighting during on screen presentations as well as for warm task lighting for talks or discussions.

The linear track profiles provide activating task lighting when needed and are also dimmable to offer a wide variety of lighting scenarios.

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Bestseller HQ, Denmark

Lobby lighting is key to making sure visitors get the desired first impression. The lobbies of the Bestseller building in Denmark thus ask for a specific lighting approach.

A seemingly endless line of track lights generates general bright lighting to emphasize the wide open spaces, but also guides the visitor in the right direction and towards different areas throughout the building.

In the side aisles, indirect lighting provides more ambient lighting and creates as it were separate spaces without strict boundaries.

Next to these functional properties, the lobby lighting concepts used in the Bestseller project are meant to immediately impress the visitor from the moment he sets foot in the building and to reflect Bestseller’s never-ending quest for innovation in design.

Architect: CF Møller

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Innovative office lighting

Technological innovation is at Delta Light's core. Our sensors, acoustics, optics and dimming systems are developed with state of the art technology. These features combined with architectural excellence make our office lighting fixtures one of a kind.

Our LED technology is centered around and crafted for the human wellbeing. By optimizing key environmental factors like light and sound, working environments are becoming interior landscapes that support people in their daily activities.

Human Centric Lighting

Since its creation, Delta Light has embraced a continuous innovation process to integrate the latest technological developments towards fixtures characterised by good colour consistency, glare mitigation, design and aesthetics. These aspects satisfy the functionality of the lighting installation and create a pleasant atmosphere to affect the emotions of the end-user in a positive way. Apart from the visual aspect this can also impact the circadian rhythm, as Tunable White, Melanopic Light Technology or Natural Light Technology can do.

The circadian clock regulates processes such as the melatonin secretion - a hormone responsible for the sleep – and our concentration and level of alertness. The change in the working places towards indoor spaces isolates us from the natural stimulus of sunlight and therefore our circadian clock needs to be stimulated by artificial lighting emulating the daylight cycle. 

LED Technology

Together with the optical compartment, the LED engine is the beating heart of the luminaire. That’s why only the best is good enough to use within the Delta Light range. Throughout the complete range advanced LED engines are being used, delivering high performance, maximum efficacy and high-quality illumination.

Colour consistency, the lifespan, CRI and TM30, MacAdam ellipses, … All of these parameters are the key aspects that make this LED engine the strong heart of the luminaire.

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Optics & Glare Control

Light needs to be comfortable, no matter how it is being used. And different settings ask for different kinds of comfort. Working at your office desk during a longer period requires perfect glare control, the right amount of light on your task area and sufficient general light in the surrounding areas in order to keep the focus and have minimal impact on the human eye.

Light itself and a good lighting plan are key elements in creating the best possible comfort: different kind of optics allow for various types of lighting, the design of the luminaire impacts the glare control, general lighting has other purposes than accent lighting,… 

Delta Light has provided companies throughout the world with custom lighting solutions tailored to all possible office areas, from small desk offices over landscape offices to lobbies and meeting rooms.

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Dimming Systems

Technological evolution has allowed for a rush on energy efficiency, going from conventional lighting to today’s LED lighting. Today energy consumption is being further reduced by using light in the best suitable way for the application and by only using light when needed.

The best way to do is by controlling and dimming the lights, as a variety of options are currently available going from standard phase dimming, over wireless dimming or controlling the lights over the Building Management System.


Light can be used for its aesthetical character or for its functional parameters to fulfill specific needs. As task lighting, the luminaire itself together with the lighting set-up needs to respect certain rules and norms. An example is the EN-12464, which covers rules for light that is being used for indoor task lighting such as specific office lighting.

Thanks to our global anchorage we can guarantee that all our office lighting products are conform the applicable norms for each country.


Especially in office workspaces, the combination of lighting with acoustics is important. Delta Light offers specific acoustic solutions to reduce obtrusive noise and create a calm and harmonious working environment where focus can be maintained and stress from external noise is limited to an absolute minimum.

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