TAGLINE profile

The Tagline made-to-measure profile provides an ultra-minimalistic light line that integrates seamlessly with the architectural lines of your project. Limited to only 1/4" the Tagline seems almost invisible, a slender line of light that cuts through space.

Available in different application versions - from trimless recessed to surface mounted, as a pendant solution or as perimeter lighting - Tagline is offered as a creative tool for architects and designers to accentuate architectural detail or characterise environments. Any space becomes distinctively elegant when the Tagline is used in a simple linear way, or can become very magical and unique when used in a composition.

The ultra-minimalistic solution within the Tagline range, as these profiles are seamlessly installed into the ceiling, without any visible trim. Tagline TRW is ideal to contour the perimeter of the room, as it integrates perfect in between corners where ceiling and wall interact.

Tagline ST and Tagline On have a little bit more body to it, as these will always have a visible trim, offering continuous lines of light for general lighting, be it recessed, surface mounted or suspended.