With the magnetic profiles, Delta Light takes it to the next level in the profile section. These profiles offer the highest degree of freedom and flexibility, as all modules have a magnetic fixation. Splitline M20 and M52 allow for a neat, trimless installation, while Shiftline M26, M35 and M44 can be used for projects where surface or suspended mounting is required. To create the optimal light setting, multiple light modules are available: spot modules with different beams and lumen packages going up to 2000lm for accent lighting, linear LED lines for general or wallwash lighting and pendant modules for an elegant finish of the room.

All modules can be placed toolfree into the profile and repositioned afterwards thanks to their magnetic fixation. Simply click the module into the profile and both mechanical and electrical connection are ensured. As this family of profiles is powered by 48V, Smart 48 can be used for an easy 2-wire dimming/power solution. Add the Modulator for 0-10V control. For individual control of luminaires, one can opt for a DALI controlled system.

Splitline M20 combines refinement and cleanness with a boost of flexibility thanks to the magnetic mounting of the light modules. Together with the mechanical connection, the magnetic fixation of the modules ensures the electrical connection with the two 48V conductors in the profile. In this way all light modules – spots, linear LED lines and pendants – can easily be placed or replaced into the profile according to the project’s requirements, without the need of any tools.

One catchphrase could best describe the Splitline M52: Flexibility at its best! Apart from protruding spots and pendant modules, this wider profile also allows for adjustable spot modules to be hidden inside the black line in the ceiling, resulting in a serene setting of the room. Similar to Splitline M20, all modules can be toolfree installed and repositioned into the profile thanks to their magnetic fixation, allowing the end user to adapt the light according to the setting of the room.
Lumens: 259 lm - 2287 lm
Wattages: 5 W - 29 W
Beam range: 8° / 8° / 12° / 14° / 16° / 18° / 20° / 21° / 25° / 26° / 28° / 30° / 32° / 33° / 35° / 37° / 40° / 45° / 49° / 50° / 67°
CCT range: Warm White (+3000K) / Halogen White (+2700K) / Warm White (+3500K) / SOFT DIM (3000K - 1800K) / TUNABLE WHITE (2700K - 6500K) / SOFT DIM (2700K - 1800K)

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