When recessed mounting is not an option, Shiftline offers versatile surface mounted lighting systems. Spot modules - in different sizes, designs and lumen packages - for both wired and magnetic Shiftline provide a functional and decorative touch to any space. In magnetic, these spot modules can be combined with linear LED lighting or pendant modules, giving you loads of possibilities to create your own ideal lighting scene.

With the magnetic profiles, Delta Light takes it to the next level in the profile section. These profiles - indicated with an 'M' for Magnetic- offer the highest degree of freedom and flexibility, as all modules have a magnetic fixation. Splitline M20 and M52 allow for a neat, trimless installation, while Shiftline M26, M35 and M44 can be used for projects where surface or suspended mounting is required. To create the optimal light setting, multiple light modules are available: spot modules with different beams and lumen packages going up to 2000lm for accent lighting, linear LED lines for general or wallwash lighting and pendant modules for an elegant finish of the room.

All modules can be placed toolfree into the profile and repositioned afterwards thanks to their magnetic fixation. Simply click the module into the profile and both mechanical and electrical connection are ensured. As this family of profiles is powered by 48V, Smart 48 can be used for an easy 2-wire dimming/power solution. For individual control of luminaires, one can opt for a DALI controlled system.

This miniature profile lets you combine accent lighting and decorative lighting in the shape of Spy 27 and Spy 39. Containing 2 48V and 2 Dim conductors for individual DALI Dimming, the slender profile can easily be combined with Smart 48 and CTRL Delta to offer a quick and easy, minimalistic, wireless lighting set-up. Shiftline 19 has many application possibilities, as its dimensions are reduced to a minimum which allow a surface mounted installation that only requires a minimum of space. Be it in residential, hospitality or in retail, the different modules to apply on the Shiftline 19 track can be used for accent lighting or decorative lighting, offering multiple ways of flexibility.

Shiftline M26 L is the surface mounted variant of Splitline M20, ideal when recessed mounting is not an option. Spot modules - in different sizes, designs and lumen packages - can be combined with linear LED lighting or pendant modules, giving you loads of possibilities to create your own ideal lighting scene. Do not worry if you overlooked something in this ideal lighting scene, as all modules can be easily switched from position thanks to their magnetic fixation.

Unlimited flexibility is what the Shiftline M26 L Matrix system stands for. These clever add-ons to the Shiftline M26 L profiles allow you to couple multiple profiles to each other and create any structure you want. Our 2P Connector not only assures the electrical connection between two profiles, it also serves as a decorative element as its cylindrical shape is perfectly in contrast with the straight lines of the profile. Moreover, this contrast can be enhanced by choosing the Gold Colored finish for these nodes, a bold statement where design meets functionality. To complete the Matrix system, an additional ceiling fixation and a non electrical connector allow for unlimited creativity as one is free to connect multiple profiles any way they want. Moreover, the new Side Supply finishes it off in style as it is designed according to the looks of the 2P Connector.

The higher version of our Shiftline M26 creates extra possibilities in terms of functionality, as the profile allows to combine modules for direct lighting with linear modules for indirect lighting, a perfect way to enhance the spacial feeling of the room. To break the linearity of the Shiftline M26 H, 2 curved corners are available to go from a straight lighting pattern to a free-form lighting set-up. The bends of 90° and 135° allow you to create the set-up of your desires.

With its cylindrical shape, Shiftline M35R is a decorative element on its own. Combined with the suspended Microspy 39 C or Gibbo it can easily upscale any project. By adding magnetic spot modules or linear lighting, Shiftline M35R gives a sophisticated touch to functional lighting.

The broader Shiftline M44 is a surface or suspended magnetic profile that combines different types of lighting without the light modules being visible outside the profile. Linear modules or individual downlights for general lighting and Dot.Com for office lighting can easily be combined with uplight to enhance the volume of the room.

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