Following the success of the Grid family, Minigrid takes on a more compact form factor of the longstanding classic. Now available in two sizes with the addition of the smaller Minigrid 67 series. Offering a variety of LED solutions, Minigrid uses field-changeable snap-in modules for comfortable installation and maximum flexibility. Minigrid In is the recessed version, available in single and double, trimmed or trimless. Minigrid On is the surface mounted version and is available up to a triple luminaire. Each source aims indepedently for maximum versatily and enables its use in a multitude of applications.

The Snap-In principle equals modularity and flexibility at its best, it grants the opportunity to the lighting designer to use thier creativity: combine single and double units, use multiple beam angles or play with color. All to use as surface mounted luminaire (Minigrid On) or as recessed spotlights (Grid In, Minigrid In & Microgrid In), both with or without trim.

Dividing a luminaire into multiple modular parts not only creates uniformity within one family, it also facilitates the installation by giving the opportunity to the installer to place the frame in advance. No need to worry for the lighting modules in further finishing of the room, as the modules can be clicked into the frame afterwards.