The Soft Ceiling testdata concept enables you to create discreet but diverse lighting schemes using only one luminaire type. It allows architects and designers to work with different lighting applications, beams and output levels, using unobtrusive and glare-free fixtures for a zero-sightline ceiling. Thanks to precise engineering, the use of superior lenses and a multitude of accessories, Soft Ceiling fixtures guarantee optimal optic performance and maximum eye comfort. iMax II symbolizes the maximum eye comfort / minimal appearance philosophy, an ideal lighting solution that fits the Soft Ceiling concept.

Lumens: 303 lm - 1643 lm
Wattages: 10 W - 21 W
Beam range: 12° / 18° / 20° / 26° / 33° / 39° / 40°
CCT range: Halogen White (+2700K) / Warm White (+3000K) / Warm White (+3500K) / SOFT DIM (2700K - 1800K)

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